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 China UMetal Synergy Group  is a professional company specialized in making all kinds of sheet metal products, metal stamping products,aluminum extrusion processing products and metal machining.


Our company has a machining processing factory, aluminum extrusion factory and a sheet metal factory, 3 factories worked together, set up a new trade company.

We have more than 10 years of industrial processing experience, we are good at make all kinds base on drawing from customer, and also we are familiar with all kinds of surface finish.


Our mission is providing high quality products of metal parts for Small and medium customer in the world. Our aims to become a world class supplier of custom manufacturing projects for metal products, and become your most reliable supply chain partner in China.


 factory profile 

Shanghai UMetal machining processing factory set up in 2007,located in Shanghai SongJiang district , we are professional engaged in precision machining parts processing, hardware parts processing, all kinds of plastic materials such as PP,POM PEEK material processing, equipment parts processing. We can make good quality products according to customer requirement.


We have first-class mechanical processing equipment such as high-speed precision CNC machining center, CNC lathe, CNC lathe, four-axis machining Center. We can complete the processing of complex curved surface shape products, equipped with perfect inspection equipment, and we have highly skilled employees.



Regarding for the surface treatment after machining, We can process Powder coating, Spray Painting, Zinc plating, Anodic oxidation, carburizing heat treatment.


Sheet metal factory, we have CNC procesing equipment, such as Lasing cutting equipment. CNC punching equipement. CNC bending equipement,Robot welding. We specialized in pharmaceutical and chemical, rubber and plastic machine, environmental protection equipment, industrial automation  and other manufacturers to provide supporting products processing services

We have complete surface treatment support such as powder coating, paiting and the electroplating. We can meet various surface treatment requirement for different customers,


Kunshan aluminum extrusion co., ltd. is located in kunshan city 80 kilometers from the center of Shanghai, the factory is a complete set of equipment, advanced technology,

comprehensive products of professional aluminum alloy manufacturers. our product quality conforms to the national GB/ T 5237-2004 standard, has the good mechanical performance, the corrosion resistance is strong, the strength is high,

the color uniformity, the smoothness is good and so on , its chemical composition,

the mechanical performance, the surface treatment and so on , all conforms to the national standard


The factory is good at aluminum alloy casting, mold manufacturing, extrusion, mechanical polishing, oxidation coloring, electrostatic spraying, with an annual production capacity of 1000 tons.

The factory main products are included all kinds of aluminum and aluminum alloy profiles - various furniture materials profiles, various specifications of round tubes and bars, heatsink for the electronic equipment and various aluminum alloy machining parts.